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March 23
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“(y/n) turn off that game. You need to sleep.”

“I can’t stop now Sherlock. I just unlocked a new mission!” You didn’t even turn away from the TV when you answered Sherlock and that made him even more annoyed than he already was.

“That’s not important now turn it off,” he demanded.

“Sherlock there is dragon burning down villages. I think that qualifies as important.”

“(y/n) its four in the morning and you’ve been there for nearly seventeen hours. It normally wouldn’t matter but seeing as you haven’t slept for forty-eight hours you need to stop.”

“Just five more minutes.”

“You haven’t even been blinking, that’s going to dry out your eyes,” he said as he walked to your side.

“Of course I’ve been blinking, don’t be ridiculous,” you said brushing off his words.

“(y/n) look at me,” he ordered.

“Ugggh what Sherlock?” you whined as you turned to him. As soon as you turned to him he clapped in your face, causing you to blink. Your blinking then caused your eyes to burn and you quickly covered them with your hands. “Sherlock what did you do to me!”

I didn’t do anything,” he said as he turned off your game. “That is simply what happens when you close your eyes after not doing so for an extended period of time.” He turned back to see you still whining and rubbing your eyes. He then picked you up and slung you over his shoulder.

“Sherlock put me down! I have to go and redo the last hour of work you just erased!” you said as Sherlock carried you to his room.

“Oh quit whining. You hit a check point before I turned it off it’s all still there,” he said as he dropped you on the bed. “I’m going to be right back and if you leave this room I’m cutting off the wifi for a month,” he said closing the door as he left. He returned after five minutes to find you sitting on the bed with a 3ds in your hands.


“What!” you said turning to him. “You just said not to leave the room!” He stuck out his hand forcing you give up the device. You then watched him as he roughly tossed it into his desk drawer.

“Hey don’t be so rough with that!” You exclaimed. He responded by turning to look at you and then began jiggling the drawer. When he turned his back to lock the drawer you slowly began to pull your phone out of your pocket.

“If you’re trying to call Mycroft,” he said upon hearing you move on the bed, “that phones going to meet that wall in less than five seconds.” He turned to see you holding your phone halfway to your ear looking like you were still deciding whether or not to listen. After Sherlock raised his eyebrow at you, you huffed in defeat and put the phone on the nightstand. You then pulled the blankets over your face and turned away from Sherlock. He knew you were only mad at him because you were sleep deprived, but he still didn’t like you being angry with him.

“(y/n),” he said as he sat next to you. When you didn’t respond he laid down beside you and pulled the blanket over himself as well.

“Get out of my blanket tent Sherlock.”

“You’re in my bed and it’s my blanket, so no. And stop being mad, it doesn’t suit you.”

“You’re mean,” you said glaring at him.

“No I’m not,” he said as he kissed the end of your nose.

“Yes you are. And stop doing that,” you said as he pecked your nose again.

“Not until you admit I’m not mean,” he said as he started kissing your jawline.

“I’m going to call John.”

“Go ahead he won’t hear you. He’s at Sarah’s.”

“Okay okay,” you said giggling as Sherlock began kissing your neck, “You’re not mean!” Sherlock laughed and wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you into him.

“Good, now go to sleep,” he said resting his chin on top of your head.

“Fine, even though it’s a complete waste of time,” you grumbled.

You were almost asleep when you heard your phone go off notifying you that one of your app games had finished updating.

“(y/n) reach for that phone and I won’t allow you to look at any type of screen for a week.”



I have so much trouble writing Sherlock. This may seem short but it took forever to write because Frozen kept distracting me. And now time to wait for the Walking Dead. I hope you guys like it and please leave some comments!
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Insanitylover213 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
Hehehe it's 3:08 am and I'm reading this 
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You'd think Sherlock of all people would understand some things are more important than sleep hmph
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